30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Geography

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Geography

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Session #2 on geography in the Old Testament is now available for your viewing pleasure.

In this session, we will look at the geography of the Old Testament, both land and water. You will get a better picture of where the Old Testament events occurred.

Understanding the geography of the Bible is essential. Why? It helps us picture the places where the Bible stories took place. Imagine standing next to the Red Sea and asking how in the world you are going to cross this body of water. First of all, you need to know where the Red Sea is located. What major city is located closest to the Red Sea? Where do you go once you cross?

How many miles did the people walk to get to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover? It depends where they start from The geography in the Old Testament includes large amounts of land and water, and understanding those key landmarks will help bring the biblical account together.

Did you know people walked many miles to get from one city to the other? One time I researched the distance from Judea to Galilee. If I recall correctly, Google maps said it was roughly 75 miles.

“The one who is ignorant of geography cannot know the history. The Bible is largely history. So to begin our mastery of the history of the Bible, we must start with the geography of the Bible.”

Join me as we dive into the geography of the Old Testament! Many of the landmarks and bodies of water still exist today.

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