30 Days to Understanding the Bible – The Historical Books


30 Days to Understanding the Bible – The Historical Books

The session on historical books is now ready to view. Check out the link.

In this chapter, we will introduce the nine main eras of the Old Testament. The historical books of the Bible are some of the fascinating history books you will ever read.

Some people think the Bible is boring and nothing but an old fable. But when you read the history books in the Bible, you will find that people from biblical days, faced many of the same problems we face today. I find myself relating to many of the people in the Bible.

Can you relate?

Do you struggle with temptations? Show love to others? Face battles? Get angry? Cry? Worship false gods or do things you aren’t proud of? What about traveling? Do you travel to different cities? Maybe you have served in the Armed Forces and fought in battles overseas. The Bible is full of stories of people sharing in those same experiences.

What am I trying to say?

Biblical people were people the same as you and I. They experienced many of the same things. The big difference? They didn’t have social media. Therefore, let’s not discount the Bible as a fairy tale book of irrelevant stories.

Moreover, as we look at this session on the historical books, take note of the important details.

“As we begin to look at the stories in the Old Testament, we will only look at the highest peaks, the ones with snow on them.”

“The storyline of the Bible can be divided into twelve main eras, with a central figure and main location for each era. You will find nine of the eras in the Old Testament and three in the New Testament.”

Historical books.

I find the historical books fascinating, and I hope you do too. Learning is so much fun, especially when we are learning about a time and place we have only heard about. Moreover, we have a comprehensive book containing 11,000 plus chapters sharing details about the people and places of days long ago.

Each era is comprised of a central figure, a prominent location, and a summary storyline.

Join me as we look at these fascinating historical books of the Bible.

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