Sin – A Lizards Tale – 3

John 8:34 says, “Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.”

So some would respond to that with, “It depends on what the definition of sin is as to whether one is a slave to sin or not?”

Definition of sin: “Revolt against holiness and sovereign will of God. Therefore, it is both a condition of the heart/mind/will/affections and the practical outworking of that condition in thoughts, words, and deeds that offend God and transgress his holy law. For Israel, sin was a failure to keep the conditions of the covenant the Lord graciously made with the people at Sinai (Exodus 19).”

In laymen’s terms, sin is anything that displeases God. It is anything we do that goes against his Word whether we do it with word or deed.

“There is no person in the whole world who is not a sinner. However, those who have a right relationship with God, receive his forgiveness, and walk in his ways are sometimes described as righteous and blameless. This is not because they are free from sin, but because the true direction of their lives is to serve and please God in the way he requires.”

“But sin is also failure to keep the law: it is also the rejection of the Messiah and the kingdom he proclaims and personifies. The work of the Holy Spirit said Jesus, is to convict “the world of …sin…because men do not believe in me” (John 16:8-9); 15:22). Further to live without the light of God from Jesus the Messiah, is to live in darkness and to be in the grip of evil forces.”

Paul in the New testament had much to say about sin. Paul, like Jesus, “believed that sin begins in the heart (or flesh) – See Romans 6:15-23. The origin of sin can be traced back to the first human beings, Adam and Eve and to their revolt against the Lord by eating from the forbidden tree.”

We live in a broken society with broken systems and broken people. The people have been broken for a long long time, all the way back to Adam and Eve’s first sin of eating from the tree. God created us to live in harmony with him. But Satan has been after Gods children since the first day they appeared on earth. Satan wasted no time at all going after the very first couple in the garden with his deception and lies about the fruit.

As Beth Moore says, “Satan isn’t going to come right out and tell you he’s going to tempt you for 8 days. Instead my friend, he is going to tell you all that he has done for you, and that it is all about you sweetheart. Look how wonderful this looks and feels. Look what I brought you. I was thinking about you!”

Make no mistake about it – Satan is thinking all about you and how he can as Beth Moore says “deliver you back to the beginning, bring you all the way back to the place before you knew Jesus.” (paraphrase).

The question for you today is this – Are you a slave to sin? Does a specific sin or sins have such a grip on you, you aren’t sure what to do or which direction to go?

Don’t fear as God has provided the ultimate solution for your sin. Tomorrow, we’ll look into that and discover what it is.

In the meantime my dear friend, search your heart and mind, seek God in prayer and tell him about those sins. If you cant find any sin, you need to search again my friend because it’s there. Jesus was the only sinless one.

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