Let’s Talk about Forgiveness


Forgiveness seems to be a hot topic of late.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of leading a class on forgiveness. It was a great reminder that I too need to extend forgiveness to those who have injured me in the past.

Over the years, I have tried to extend forgiveness, sometimes finding myself extending to the same people over and over again – for the same offense.

Lose the weight

Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay party to that person or the offense, but it does mean you are being obedient and releasing yourself from the burden of the offense. It means you are free to be out from under the weight of the offense. You are no longer carrying it around like a 50-pound suitcase everywhere you go. For me, it means freedom from the offense.

Many times the offender doesn’t know they offended us and they walk around “clueless.” We, on the other hand, are carrying the weight of it feeling awful, upset and hurt.

And then there are times when the offender knows precisely what they have done to injure the other, and they still choose not to apologize. The outcome can be the same – we carry the offense around like luggage.

What does the Bible say?

The Bible says we are to forgive – not just once, twice or even seven times. There is no set number stated in scripture. We are called to forgive.

I have implemented a few boundaries with those I have forgiven a hundred times or more, and my life is a lot calmer.

There are times when we must see a real change for more than a day, a week or a month to consider removing the boundary.

Both parties benefit from setting boundaries.

So, let me ask you

Who in your life do you need to extend forgiveness to today?

Is there a boundary you need to set?

What is your next step?


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