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Memories from childhood

Memories from my childhood still roll around in my mind. As kids, we used to memorize some of the silliest stuff. I can still remember parts of songs from when I was a child. Do you remember tunes like, “Conjunction junction, what’s your function? Picking up cars and letters and something.. Conjunction junction, what’s that function?”

I’m sure I’m missing a few of the words. Or how about the song about a bill becoming a law?

One of my favorite cartoons was Fat Albert and his favorite line, “Hey, Hey, Hey, it’s Fat Albert!” 

As a kid, we would commit to memory all these things we heard on the radio and the three channels on television. “Hey, what’s up doc?”

It’s the same today

And kids do the same thing today. The only problem is, some of what they have committed to memory far outweighs anything decent they learn from a textbook or from their parents. Some of the lyrics to today’s songs are a bit more risque. If we stopped to listen and understand what the lyrics of some of today’s popular music is saying, we would find the hip little tune actually carries with it some pretty degrading stuff and vulgar suggestions.

Hard to remember

Why do people commit that kind of stuff to memory? Why would people not take as much interest or make more of a commitment to memorize what the Bible has to say? Why can’t we remember what the Bible says?

What does the Bible say?

Psalm 1:1-2, “How blessed is the one who does not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand in the pathway with sinners, or sit in the assembly of scoffers! Instead he finds pleasure in obeying the Lord’s commands; he meditates on his commands day and night.”

The psalmist says he meditates on God’s law day and night.

Did you know there is a joy that comes from obeying God and refusing to listen to those who make fun of God or discredit him?

Often times we find that television and music are very influential. We may fall into the trap of following what they say or teach rather than what God’s Word says we should do. That’s a dangerous place to be.

Things like television and radio should help build us up and encourage us to lead positive and fulfilling lives. They shouldn’t lead us down the wrong path, especially if it leads us to sin.

Let’s pray

Father, today I thank you for your Word. I thank you Lord for the desire to want to know more. I thank you for how you speak to me through your Word. Lord, may I commit it to memory as easily as I committed some of my favorite childhood songs. And Lord, if there was a way you could see that the networks brought back some of those classic cartoons to the television set on Saturday mornings, that would be wonderful. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

In His Service,
The Teaching Lady

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