No More Cursive Writing?

Cursive writing

A few weeks ago I overheard someone say the schools are not teaching cursive writing to the kids anymore. My first thought of course was that isn’t fair because I remember we slaved over cursive writing and the endless circles, squiggles and dots. It would appear society has progressed to the place where cursive writing if any handwriting at all is becoming a thing of the past. Everything is done on some kind of electronic device.


I also heard someone say even the way children spell on these electronic devices is changing. The shortcuts and special symbols used to communicate have eliminated much of what we know as the English language, the words we grew up with. By the time some of these kids reach college, there’s a good chance they will not know how to write formal papers or communicate with proper English.


Writers like me who strive to make sure we dot every I, insert every comma and quotation mark could soon be a fog in someone’s memory.
It brings to mind something that I think is a very important reminder. We will always need God and we should always teach others about God and what He has done for us. We should tell our children the Bible stories and teach them to read them as well as write about them.

First things first

God should never be a passing fad, an art form who has seen its days choked out by an electronic age. God should be first and foremost in our minds, not a last ditch effort to squeeze in a few minutes at the end of the day, right before we stare at the back of our eyelids.

As material things and timeless traditions pass away, may the longing to draw nearer to our creator never grow weary and may it always be endless.


Simple – Because God’s love for you never ends. The eight track tape, typewriter and cursive writing can all fade away, but the love of our Lord will never pass away.

Do you feel the love of our Lord? I sure hope so beloved, I sure hope so.

In His Service,

The Teaching Lady

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