I was thinking about social media today. It seems like there are several social media escapes one could get lost in. What strikes me about them is how easy we can latch onto a new one as it comes out and in some cases move on from the previous one. Everyone seemed to be hot after Facebook, posting and surfing their friends Facebook pages and home pages. Then came Twitter, and then Pinterest, and now Instagram. It seems like the pack is spending more time posting to Instagram than Facebook. What’s next and when? Am I the only one noticing that we follow like a school of fish as new things appear, ditching the old and familiar?

When I think of following something or someone, I think of following Jesus. He never goes out of style. He’s never out of date, and He will never be replaced by the latest and greatest. Some could argue that Jesus has already been replaced and/or is going to be, but ultimately if you read the book, we all know He will outlast it all.

I guess for me it comes down to this – Why follow something that will fade away or be replaced by the next greatest fad when I could follow the only person who ever died on the cross for me – when I could follow the one who was the same yesterday, today and in the future – Jesus Christ.

Who are you following?

In His Service



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