I was thinking about the release of my next book, “The Fruit Wars 2” and the same thought I had several months ago popped into my mind again tonight.

I used to write back in the early nineties, but my work never went anywhere. I sent it out to several publishing houses and no one ever expressed an interest. Instead, I filled a 9 x 12 envelope with declinations – my hopes dashed forever or so I thought.

The thought which occurred to me was that I had been writing the wrong things. I had taken the gift God had given me and used it in a way that did not glorify Him or the gift. As a result, my work was not blessed and did not go anywhere.

When I first went back to writing last March, I found my old writings from 1994. Wow, have I changed a lot since then. I can’t publish those old writings now because I am not the same person I was back then. Thank God for small miracles.

When we come to know Jesus personally and intimately life changes. The changes don’t happen over night, but clearly they do happen. I’m thankful for the changes, and I never want to go back to that place in time or that old self.

How have you changed over the years as you walk each day? Have you allowed Jesus to change you or are you still holding onto the same old self?

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