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If you recall, I attended the Student Life conference last weekend. I brought home a great little book from the conference and I wanted to share some of it with you the devotional for tonight.

“Church leaders often urge us to spend time reading the bible. But why is this spiritual discipline so important?

Read Psalm 119:9-16.

One of the primary reasons we read the Word of God is to know God. In verse 10 of Psalm 119, the psalmist notes that to seek God with your whole heart, you must learn and keep His commands. We often think of God’s commands as a checklist and difficult to follow, but truthfully, studying God’s word causes us to delight (v. 14,16) in these commands as we grow in our knowledge of Him. Even though God’s commands are contrary to the ways of this world, they should not be viewed as burdens because He knows what is best for us and brings us joy when we live according to his word (v14). Besides, if we do not store up God’s Word in our hearts, we will sin against Him (v11). This leads to a second reason that we need to read the Word of God: to know who we are in relationship to Him. We are not merely followers of a holy God, but we too are called to be holy and blameless (Ephesians 1:4).”

The question they ask you is this – In what ways does the Word of God feel burdensome, and how could those “burdens” actually be for our good?”

Father, as we seek to answer that questions, I pray you would ignite a desire in our hearts to read your Word. In your sons name I pray, Amen.

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