God’s Love Is Reflected In Flowers

God’s Love is Reflected in Flowers

God’s love is reflected in flowers. Roses, petunias, morning glories, tulips, gardenias, and every kind of flower you can imagine reflect God’s love and intelligence.

When I look at flowers, I see love and beauty. I am not talking about the kind of beauty or love folks think about when they see flowers. I am thinking more about God’s love.

Let’s look at how God’s love is reflected in flowers.

God created flowers thousands of years ago. In His creation of flowers, I believe He thought of everything. His love is reflected in the beauty of flowers.

The pedals are so delicate, yet so vibrant in color.

Each flower has its scent, pleasant to the nose.

Some flowers offer a safe place for bees to land.

Some flowers bloom every single day only to wither before dawn.

Then you have the stem. The stem is sturdy, long, and thin. It supports the pedals. While the stem is strong enough to withstand our grasp,  it is soft to the touch.

I think my favorite thing about flowers is their longevity. We have never been without them.

God’s creation has brought so many people joy. They have made people smile, and hearts have melted.

I believe God thought of us when he created flowers.

Flowers have become a symbol of love.

God thought of everything – the size, the smell, the look, the colors, and the endurance. He gave us something to enjoy and share.

So next time you see a beautiful flower, think of the creator and the love He so freely gives.


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