How Do You Know He’s Real?

The month of July was especially busy for me. Not only did I have the every day job of 8 to 5, but I also had two major discipleship events back to back that I played a role in – director of Vacation Bible School at my church, and a Bible teacher at Student Life Camp in Birmingham, Alabama. Both were sure to bring people closer to Jesus Christ, and both were sure to bring challenges.

Whenever things of this nature take place, the enemy, the devil, gets very uncomfortable and does his best to disrupt things and make them difficult in an effort to get us to quit, give up, back down, and get discouraged. These events were no exception.

The week of Vacation Bible School, my daughter got a pretty bad stomach bug. We quarantined her and she spent several days in bed. She missed most of Vacation Bible School. I was nervous because we were set to leave for Student Life Camp that weekend. I had been tasked to teach at Student Life Camp, so it was important I be able to make the trip. But if my daughter hadn’t improved enough for us to go, I would have stayed home.

As we drew closer to the day we would be leaving, I still wasn’t sure I was supposed to go. I had to leave it up to God to work it out.

Come Sunday night, my daughter had fully recovered and we went to Alabama for Student Life Camp.

Upon arriving Monday afternoon, they corralled us into a big room called the Worship Center where we would meet each day.

camperIf I had any lingering doubts about whether I made the right choice to go to camp, they disappated pretty quickly when I walked into the Worship Hall and saw a full size pop up camper on stage. Seeing that camper was confirmation for me that God had intended for me to be there. He had overcome anything the enemy had for me, healed my daughter, and brought us safely there to serve Him for the week.  Anyone that knows me or has read my second book, knows how much I love camping. I have a picture of a pop up camper on the cover of my book.

I often say God has a sense of humor. On day three of camp, we went to the worship center and out front was a big sign displaying the theme verse I used for my book. I laughed out loud.theme verse 2

It’s little things like the camper and the sign that answer the question – How do you know He’s real? It wasn’t dumb luck or that they knew anything about me.

God showed himself at Vacation Bible School and Student Life Camp. He healed my daughter for us to go. He never left our side and remains with us to this day.

We may face struggles and challenges along the way, but God is faithful to remain, He is faithful to stay with us as we face our biggest fears.

Those are two simple ways I know He’s real!

How do you know God is real? I hope you have stories you can share with others.

In His Service and loving it,

Jeanette Duby



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