If Jesus Christ Knocked On Your Door, What Would You Do?

If Jesus Christ Knocked On Your Door, What Would You Do?

If Jesus Christ knocked on your door, what would you do? Now, that’s a question. Go with me on this.

Picture it – you’re lounging in your comfortable chair, a bowl of Cheetos resting in your lap, and a tall, refreshing cola on the cork coaster. Your eyes are fixed on the television as your heart and mind get entangled in another Hallmark movie.

You can hear a pin drop as Thomas finally asks Cynthia on a date. You wait with anticipation for her response. After all, you’ve seen dozens of Hallmark movies. He likes her, she loves him, but neither make the first move.

“Come on already!” you scream at the television as your Cheeto covered fingers reach down into the bowl for more crunchy goodness. You miss your mouth, but who cares.

“Kiss her already!”

The hubs is outside mowing the grass, and the kids are playing in the other room. Alone time with Cheetos and a Hallmark movie is the best. The dryer is going off, but who cares.

Couldn’t be

And then it happens – you hear a knock at the door. You pretend not to listen to it, but they knock again—what a way to ruin a perfectly good moment.

You make your way over to the door and scream, “Who is it?”

From behind the door comes a very calm response, “It’s Jesus. Can I come in?”

‘What? No, that can’t be possible.’

“Who is it?” you inquire even louder.

Again, a calming voice responds, “It’s Jesus Christ. Can I come in?”

Is Jesus here?

You peek through the peephole, and sure enough, you see a guy standing there in a long white robe, shoulder-length hair, smiling, and waiting patiently for you to open the door.

When you realize it is indeed him, you run to the back door and start screaming for the hubby.

“Jesus Christ is at the front door! Jesus Christ is at the front door! Hurry, get in here, and wash your hands quick!” Your own cheetos, stained hands need to be washed.

Room to room

You run to the bedroom where the children are playing, and you start yelling at them, “Jesus Christ is here! Jesus Christ is here! Hurry, pick up these toys! NOW!”

You run to the living room and shut off the television. You scramble to hide all the magazines strewn across the coffee table. You can’t take any chances with the photos on the front. You throw a pillow in front of the DVDs.

Then it hits you – the bedroom. It’s a mess. The bed is unmade, and clothes are hanging from the treadmill. Your hubby’s socks are lying on the floor.

You think, ‘Oh, forget it. I’ll just shut the door. Jesus is not allowed in our bedroom.’

‘The office, I need to shut the office door too. Jesus isn’t allowed in there either.’

Now we’re ready

As you compose yourself, straightening your outfit, taking one last peek in the mirror by the front door, you nervously open the door to the man standing there patiently waiting.

Before you know it, you are offering up an excuse for the delay. “I’m so sorry you were waiting. I had to put the dog away.”

You don’t even have a dog.

What would you do?

I often wonder what I would do if Jesus knocked on my door.

Would I run to the door, peep through the hole and fling the door wide open and exclaim, “Welcome Jesus!” while I threw my arms around his neck?

Or would I look through the peephole and go into a complete panic?

Would I run around the house, yelling at my family?

“Pick up your shoes! Check the bathroom! Hide those books! Turn off the television! Jesus is at the door!”

Revelation 3:20, “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal as friends.”

Why is it that instead of rejoicing over the fact that Jesus wants to come in and be with us, we tell him he is not welcome?

And then there are times we want Jesus to come in, but he can’t see every space? He can’t look behind every door because of what we’re trying to hide. We keep him in the living room.

Jesus wants to be Lord of all areas in our lives. He wants us to show him what’s behind every door.

Sometimes we act as if he cannot see anything, as if we’ve done a great job hiding things when in actuality, he already knows what’s there.

Mark 4:22, “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.”

Open the door and let Jesus inside – to every area of your life. You will be glad you did.

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