It’s All Done Except The Clean Up

Christmas has come and gone for another year! What sheer delight we experienced as we ripped packages open, stuffed ourselves with food, and watched the movie, “The Christmas Story” a hundred times.

What? You didn’t experience all the joy and happiness that comes from engaging in those things?

Ahhh….I know what was missing from my excitement above – Jesus Christ’ birth and the celebration of His birth! That was the best gift of all. That was the most celebrated and talked about event of the season. That is what brought so many true joy and happiness this Christmas season. It wasn’t the torn wrapping paper, the big screen TV’s, or the food buffets. It was celebrating Jesus’ birth. It was the chance we all got to share of the real meaning of Christmas.

So now that we had our chance to share the real meaning of Christmas, what’s next? It’s all done except the clean up. It’s all done except the putting away of the decorations for another year. Or is it?

It’s not. Why does putting away all the gifts and decorations for another year lead us to put away the real meaning of Christmas? Why do we put the baby’s birth in a box to pull it out again next year? Why do we go back to what we consider our normal routine?

We have a real opportunity to keep Christmas going all year-long. We have a real opportunity to share the fact that Jesus came as a baby to save the world from itself. We have what people know, Christmas, as a lead into telling folks the real meaning of Christmas all year-long, as a way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with folks.

The gospel message didn’t start with Jesus dying on the cross  for our sins. It started with Jesus coming as a baby, God sending His son in the form of a child, who would grow up and die on the cross for our sins, for all of us.

Don’t let Christmas come and go again for another year, to be packaged up and stored away till December 2014. Share the story all year-long. The gospel message wasn’t for one day, it was forever and always.

Standing on the Promises of God,

Jeanette Duby



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