Jesus Christ – Background Info – Q #4

Jesus Christ – Background Info – Q #4 – Part 1

We’re making our way through five questions that we are considering in our discussion of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ? Where did He come from? Is Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

Today, we look at another question regarding Jesus Christ. If you are just now joining us, welcome! I invite you to look at the previous blog posts and review those questions and answers. We have been having a great time digging into the material.

Question number 4

“How did Jesus’ teaching contribute to the fulfillment of His purpose in the divine plan?”

This is a great question. As we usually do, let’s look at what my textbook from Bible college has to say, reference this question, and see if we can shine a light on the subject.

My college textbook says, “Jesus’ best-known teaching method was the parable. Using either an extended story or a short, pithy statement, he conveyed spiritual truth by comparing it to familiar facts from daily life.

Jesus’ occasional use of questions and answers stimulated listeners. Usually, His questions dealt with some form of deep human need or spiritual problem. Jesus not only used questions in His teaching; He also responded positively to questions from His followers.

Jesus sometimes used object lessons to communicate concrete truth to His listeners. He washed the feet of His disciples to impress them with their need for humility (John 13:3-11). He called a little child to Him to discuss childlike faith (Matt. 18:1–5), and He described unselfish giving as He watched a destitute widow drop two small coins into the temple offering box (Mark 12:41-44).

Jesus probably spoke of the parable of the sower within viewing distance of a farmer tossing out the seed. (Luke 8:4-15).”

Textbook continues

“Jesus helped His listeners understand and remember His teachings by the use of frequent repetition. Some of His sayings in the Sermon on the Mount may have been repeated on more than one occasion.

In dealing with His disciples, He told them how to minister and what they could expect to encounter. Then Jesus sent them out, allowed them to learn, and concluded this practicum with a reporting session (Luke 9:1-10).”

Wow! There are multiple Bible verses we need to go back and read to relate the lessons given to us. I would implore you to get your Bible out and read each of the verses referenced above. By reading those passages, you can see what the text is referring to and apply the Scriptures to your life accordingly.

Next time we gather together, we will look at the content of Jesus’ teaching.

Let’s pray.

Father, thank you for Son and His example of teaching. He made it so easy, yet sometimes we see it as so difficult. Open our eyes, Lord, help us to see and to learn what you would have us to get tonight. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Go grab your Bibles and check out those verses so you, too, can see what I am referring to. See if you see the same things the text points out. Have a great day.

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