Jesus’ Ministry – Background Info – Q#5 – Part 2

Jesus’ Ministry – Background Info

The other day I ended with promising I would give you a little background on the length of Jesus’ ministry on earth. So here goes.

Let me start with some information from scholars about Jesus. It is thought Jesus was born sometime between 6 and 5 BC. He died sometime around 27 AD. He was 33 years old when he died. The exact dates are difficult as you can imagine.

My college textbook says this, “John’s Gospel provides the most useful information for computing the length of Jesus’ ministry. John mentions the occurrence of at least three Passovers during Jesus’ ministry (John 2:23, 6:4, 12:1). This in itself implies a length of at least two years. However, it is not certain that John mentioned all of the Passovers observed during Jesus’ ministry since providing a chronicle of these feasts was beyond his purpose.”

“If Jesus’ ministry involved a fourth Passover, the total length of his ministry would be at least three years. Even if his ministry encompassed only three Passovers, it still may have lasted nearly three years. Thus, three years is a reasonable length to suggest for his ministry.”

I hope you find these facts interesting. I know I do. Have a great evening and don’t forget something that everyone should remember every single day – God loves you very much and has never stopped loving you. One other thing – His love is free. You won’t find that at your local department store or in a coupon book.

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