Kia Minivan vs. Ford Escape – The Roll Over Continued

I think about the rollover story often because the accident scene is on my way to work. The ground is no longer covered with dirt where the cleanup crew attempted to cover the fluids that leaked out from the Ford Escape. Frankly, there was more glass on the ground that evening then car fluid at the time of the accident.

Through the window, it goes…

But you know one of the things I noticed that night was the way the cleanup guy swept everything up. He threw everything inside the flipped vehicle. It was kind of surprising. After all, many standing around thought the car could be repaired. Can you repair a car like that?  I don’t think the car can be repaired and put back on the road.

Ready for some good news?

Do you want to hear some good news? We have a chance. God can repair broken hearts. He can salvage us and put back into place. There isn’t anything we have done that can’t be repaired and forgiven by God, our Heavenly Father. It is never too late to make things right. It is never too late to say I’m sorry. We can repair and mend things today. We can get back on the road if we choose. God cleans us up, dusts us off and sweeps up the mess in our lives all the time.

Off to the junkyard

The insurance adjuster will most likely total the car and it will go to the junk heap. That car will be good for spare parts in the local junkyard. The car will no longer be recognizable. But God, our insurance adjuster, will not total us, or send us to the junk heap to be a parts depot.
Do you have fire insurance

I am in the insurance industry for a living.  Therefore, when people hear what I do for a living, one of the questions I am often asked is this, “Do you have fire insurance?”

Let me ask you this question. Do you have fire insurance?  Like the All-State man says, “You’re in good hands.”
Are you in good hands today?
Let’s pray
While Father, I still think about the accident and I’m still so thankful the car didn’t flip one more time or skid into me. I’m thankful there were no other cars coming to cause a huge pileup. God, I’m thankful I am salvageable, I’m repairable, and that you would never send me to the junk heap. There have been times I have deserved it, but you were merciful to me. Thank you, God. I love you and praise your name. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen. 😀
In His Service
Jeanette Duby, The Teaching Lady
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