Kia Minivan vs. Ford Escape – The Roll Over

ne evening I was sitting at the stop sign trying to make my way onto a busy four-lane highway to go teach. As I sat there, a Ford Escape stopped in the turn lane of the 4 lane highway decided to play chicken with an oncoming Kia minivan who was doing at least 45 miles an hour. The Ford Escape pulled out in front of the Kia minivan and needless to say, the Ford Escape took a very hard hit on the passenger side.
She began to roll over and before I knew what was happening, 6,000 pounds of brown steel was heading my way. At once, she began to roll side over side and finally stopped on its top – resting about a foot or so from my little car. There’s nothing like seeing a huge hunk of steel come towards you and feel completely helpless and frozen in your spot.

Now that I can think

I immediately dialed 911 and gave the operator details. The driver of the Ford Escape was hanging upside down, fastened in by her seatbelt. She was frantically trying to get loose from the belt without falling on her head.
People came from every direction and pulled her out. She walked away with two scratches on her leg. The family in the Kia minivan weren’t that fortunate., They were all transported to the hospital.

People are compassionate and caring

No one knew these people, but everyone who heard or saw the crash came running and jumped into action to save lives. They tended to the family in the minivan as well as well as the lady who flipped. It could have been much worse. I believe there was an angel present that evening standing between our two cars. The minivan had hit the Escape with such force, I was sure she would plow into me. And escape is what the driver did. Perhaps there were angels all around, I don’t know. What I do know, is as soon as I got out of my car, I was thanking Almighty God for keeping me safe.
In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says this, “The King will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
I love it when Jesus uses parables to teach. He makes it so simple to understand. For more on what He taught in this parable, pull your Bibles out and read Matthew 25, verses 31 through 46. Great stuff!

What’s the point?

The point of the parable Jesus teaches them is not the who, but the what – the importance of serving where service is needed.  We should love every person and serve where we can. None of us planned on an interrupted evening, but when tragedy struck, plans went out the window for the greater good. People quickly showed caring and compassion.

When we see an animal in the middle of the road or someone dangling from inside their vehicle, it’s important to show compassion, to tend to the least of them as if Jesus was there.
Let’s pray
Heavenly Father, I thank you Lord again for your presence that night. It was another reminder to me you are here and you’re in control. You surround me with your love and you protect me. God, can I ask you a question? God, can you keep doing that for me? Chuckle, chuckle. Thank you, God, I love you and I long to do to the least of these as Jesus taught. In your Son’s name, I pray, Amen.
In His Service
Jeanette Duby, The Teaching Lady
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