Monday Musings – Archaeology 3

Welcome to Monday Musings, where we look at things in and out of the church. Today, we continue our archaeological journey with some real-life photos from a follower named Sharon, who saw the blogs on the Dead Sea Scrolls, boats, and other archaeological findings.

We’re taking a small photographic tour of a view of the things she saw when on her trip to Israel.

The first stop – the cave where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.

dead sea scrolls cave

Dead Sea scrolls cave


Does anyone want to go fishing? You may need a sturdier boat than this beauty found from Jesus’ day.

boat from Jesus' day

boat from Jesus’ day


Would you like to take a small boat tour of the Sea of Galilee? Sharon took this photo aboard the boat as the U.S. and Israel flags were raised and the national anthems of both countries played. The Sea of Galilee is not an ocean, but a lake.

boat on sea of galilee

boat on the Sea of Galilee


Last up – a diagram of an ancient fishing boat. It describes the number of different types of wood used to make the boat.

sketch of boat

sketch of boat


Wow! She also shared with me that while she was there, she saw many archaeologists digging and sifting through ruins, looking for valuable artifacts. She would love to go back to Israel again to see more of its history.

There is so much history in Israel. Walk the same roads Jesus walked. See the same mountains and valleys Jesus saw. Take a boat ride across the same Sea of Galilee mentioned in the Bible, or float in the Dead Sea. The Bible will come alive!

Thank you so much, Sharon, for sharing a few of your trip photos with us!

Tomorrow, we will pick up where we left off on our journey to look at end times events. I hope you will join me.


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