Ode To Everything Pumpkin Because I Don’t Like It

Ode to Everything Pumpkin

Every year I share my ode to pumpkin because I don’t like pumpkin. I know, I know, many folks do and I don’t begrudge them their flavor high. But, I do have some people in my corner who dislike pumpkin like me. We see the frenzy every year and we sit back and ask why. But allow 

Pumpkin this,
pumpkin that,
I don’t like pumpkin,
imagine that.

I’m all for chocolate,
milky and dark,
I’m all for long walks
in the park.

I don’t like pumpkin,
it’s who I am,
I don’t like pumpkin lattes, muffins,
or out of a can.

I don’t like pumpkin
this or that.
You can eat my portion,
that’s a fact.

I don’t like pumpkin spice,
but doesn’t mean I’m not nice.
I won’t buy it for you,
I wouldn’t dare,
because honestly,
it doesn’t compare.

I don’t like pumpkin pies,
Apple slices catch my eye.
You can have the pumpkin,
and I’ll take the sweets.
You can have the pumpkin,
when we gather to meet.

I don’t like pumpkin,
it’s just a fact.
I don’t like pumpkin,
And that is that.

Thoughts for Today by Tim Tebow 

Going Beyond Ministries



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