Thoughts for Today By Tim Tebow

Thoughts for Today by Tim Tebow

Thoughts for today by Tim Tebow: In his speech at Passion 2020, he gives us a lot to think about and consider. For those of you who know Tim Tebow, you know he is very transparent with his faith. His social media feed is filled with inspirational and encouraging words, many from the Bible. Jesus is Tim Tebow’s firm foundation and that is evident with the way he lives. So for all those who attended Passion 2020, they were treated to a fantastic and inspirational speaking session by Tim Tebow and he did not disappoint.

The following are some of my favorite lines from what he shared.

The Great Commission in Matthew 28 is about you, but it’s also about other people.

Do you live like tomorrow won’t arrive?

Are you sharing the gospel like tomorrow won’t arrive?

Is there a sense of urgency for what matters?

Some of the other things he said:

  • Live with a sense of urgency.
  • Count the costs which don’t matter when you get to live for Jesus.
  • Put into practice what you learn.
  • Listen to the voice of truth.
  • Are you successful in things that matter?

“Success is about you. Significance is about other people.” Tim Tebow

Thank you, Tim, for being a light in a dark place. Thank you for your insight into what matters most.

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