Random Thoughts Of A Wanderer

Random Thoughts of a Wanderer

Having random thoughts and writing your own music can be fun unless of course they come out of nowhere and you have no way to write them down or record. I like to go for walks during breaks and lunch. Often I find myself setting out for those walks with nothing specific in mind. Some days it seems more like aimless walking. Other days, I arrive back at the office, wishing I had more time. Why? Because along the way, my heart and mouth being to sing. I sing stuff I have never heard before. I mouth words that have never been spoken.

Before I know what is happening, whole songs with words and tune come from my mouth as if they were old favorites. Praise songs to my Lord come rolling out from my heart in needless but sensible chatter. The beat to the words is undeniable, and as many times as I try to anticipate this happening, I have not been able to. I can rarely record the lyrics or the beat. By the time I get back to the office, they’re gone.

I did manage to get a couple down, and the following are the words of one of the songs that came to mind. Admittedly, I cherish these sweet moments with Jesus. I am confident they come from him as the words all point to a loving Savior and Lord.

He’s Alive

Walked the earth
and He saved.

We have a choice
to follow Him.

Now that I know,
I see where I’ve been.

I don’t know where this is going.
I haven’t seen all the signs.

But I know that it’s Jesus,
and he is alive

yes, indeed, he’s alive.

Are you following Jesus?

Who is Jesus Christ?

Hope For The Heart 



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