How Does it All Work Together for You and Me?

How Does This Work Anyway:

One day, I decided to read two chapters in Job aloud – chapters 38 and 39. I normally read silently so as not to disturb other people. But on this particular day, I was home alone, so I decided to read them aloud.

Wow! What a difference it made. I was floored by all the questions God asked Job. And I was even more floored that I couldn’t answer them correctly. Why? Because I don’t know the answers or have the slightest clue.

I will say though, that after reading those two chapters, I am even more convinced that we have an intelligent creator and his name is God, Eloah, I AM, Jehovah, Elohim, El Shaddai and many other names for our creator – the one true God!

Take a moment to listen to the video or better yet, pull out your Bible and read these chapters yourself. You will see what I am talking about and maybe you too will marvel at the wonders of this earth.

The two chapters in Job give us a behind the scenes look at this round ball we live on far beyond our wildest imaginations. It’s very cool!

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