Sermon Snippets From The Book Of Haggai – Part 2

The last time we were together, I shared sermon snippets from the book of Haggai. One thing you have to know about me is I’m a Bible-carrying gal on Sunday mornings. While some people use their phones to follow along in church, I bring the book, a pen, and paper so I can take notes. The pastor spends many hours preparing his sermon each week; the least I can do is take some notes. I want to remember what he preached. The pastor is preaching what he feels God has inspired him to share. I would like to remember what God has to say.

Today, we look at some more notes on his sermon from Haggai, chapters one, two, and three. I am going to hit the rest of the highlights. I encourage you to read the chapters in Haggai for yourself. Yes, Haggai is a short book written thousands of years ago, but it is still relevant today.

John Mackay (spelling?) says, “Partial obedience, which is partial disobedience, distorts our commitment to God. The whole world sees it.”

The presence of God in our lives gives us the confidence to do the things he has asked us to do.

Each of us who claim Christ as Lord has been given this mission field to reach others around us. The reality is God is calling each of us within our realms of influence, whether business, school, family, or neighborhood. Are you being obedient to his calling in your life?

We have three main characters in the book of Haggai.

  1. Haggai the prophet
  2. Joshua, the priest
  3. Zerubbabel, the governor

Jesus is all three of these – Jesus becomes the Word of God, and he gives us the Word of God. Jesus is the perfect prophet, priest, king, and leader.

The people in Haggai’s day had made a conscious effort of not rebuilding the temple of God.

The Israelites had neglected the presence of God in their lives when they returned to the Promised Land.

We tend to put off our relationship with God. We will get to it one day.

Haggai says, “Give careful thought to your ways, says the Lord.”

Have we put our agenda ahead of God’s agenda?

There should be a response to the Word of God.

There are three mini-sermons in Chapter two:

Verses 1 through 9 are sermon 1.

Verses 10 through 19 are sermon 2.

Verses 20 through 23 are sermon 3.

The people obeyed and feared God. They got to work.

When God is not recognized, disunity will bring us down.

Thank you, Lord, for the book of Haggai and everything we have learned. Thank you, Pastor Joel, for bringing the Word of God to the people.

My friend, the calling of God, is on all of us. What are you doing for the Lord?

I pray you are well on your way and enjoying the ride.


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Sermon Snippets From The Book of Haggai

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