Six Foot Ceiling – The Renovations – Part 9

Yesterday, I talked about the rooms in our lives, the rooms we so oftentimes don’t want Jesus to see. Did you think about what room you might not want him to see? Renovations require an assessment of the space.

Please don’t think I am picking on you directly when I use words like “you this” or “you that.” I have a few of those rooms left that need assessing. I’m still working on allowing Jesus to work on those areas of my life too. I don’t know that my renovations will be done by the time I meet him face to face.


When I think back to the remodel of the old house I bought, there were so many little intricacies to it and so many things that were odd for an old house. It made it more challenging to deal with and took more money for renovations, the money I didn’t have. In those instances, you have to get creative.

For instance, my daughter’s bedroom floor sloped several inches downward on one side. There wasn’t anything you could do about it. It was almost like living on the side of a hill. I suppose I could have leveled the floor, but that meant redoing the wood subfloor underneath and all the beams. I was tired by the time I got to her room.

The other room needing a lot of TLC was the bathroom. The ceiling was 6’2″ from floor to ceiling. You had to be careful taking your shirt off over your head. When you showered, you felt like you were showering in a box.

I installed a new commercial toilet. When you flushed, you best be sure you weren’t standing there with any belt hanging down or other material near the water because it would get sucked off your body in a heartbeat if somehow it hung in the water. That toilet could flush a Chevy. It was so powerful.

Renovations are coming.

All the strange things about that house didn’t prevent Jesus from coming in and doing a remodel in me. Here I was trying to remodel this home, making it livable for my daughter and me, and Jesus was doing a remodel in me. I didn’t realize what was happening. Several years later, I would begin to really see what was happening in my life. I am so grateful.

You see, Jesus isn’t overwhelmed by the things in our lives that make a renovation and remodel tough. He isn’t discouraged or afraid of what He sees in us that has to be remodeled. Nothing in us is too big for Him. There’s nothing in us so bad, he throws in the towel and walks away.

Nothing too hard.

There is no job too complicated and too detailed; he can’t remodel and do his work. If we allow him in, if we let him, Jesus can do a mighty work in us. He wants to.

But many times, we reject his offer because we’re afraid of the pain. We’re afraid of how painful tearing down those walls will be. We don’t want to go through a renovation. We’re afraid of how painful it will be to admit we don’t need those old things anymore. Moreover, we’re afraid of how it will feel to release those old things.

We’re afraid we will be taken out of our comfort zone.  Fear of the unknown is frightening. And yet, we have a Savior offering himself for us and to us. We have a Savior offering to lovingly walk us through the renovation process, willing to hold our hands the whole way, promising a wonderful and bright future if we’ll follow him.

How many people do we know going through the remodeling process right now? How many people do we know who could stand to be remodeled by Jesus? What about ourselves? Can we use some renovations? You bet.

Let’s pray.

Father, we pray for those who are going through the remodeling process and those who refuse to allow the carpenter to start work. We pray for your will to be done in our lives, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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