Six Foot Ceiling – The Rooms – Part 8

Happy day everyone. I hope it’s a good day so far. Every day we get to wake up and take air in and out is a good day. There may be struggles and battles throughout the day, but take note, God is near. Today, let’s talk about rooms.

Yesterday, I left off with a couple of questions for you to ponder.

Are there rooms in your life you have shut off to God?

Are there areas of your life you are unwilling to let God renovate?

Think about it.

Jesus knocks on the door of your house. You answer the door and see that it is him standing there. Shocked and surprised, you abruptly close the door and begin to panic. When you gather your thoughts, you open the door again, quickly, and tell him to be patient; you’ll be right back, and you close the door again.

As he stands there patiently at the door waiting, you run around your house like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to scan each room as if playing games at a baby shower, remembering all the items on the tray before the tray goes by.

Do you see what I see?

You see the magazines, you see the books, oh the DVDs and other things that don’t look “Christ-like.” You may see items in the kitchen you don’t feel Jesus would be happy seeing. Moreover, you may have things in other rooms you don’t think Jesus would be happy seeing. And so you quickly, like a tornado,  go through your house and gather these items and throw them all into one room and slam the door.

Like a speed racer, you run back to the front door, wipe your forehead off, sweeping the disheveled hair to the side, wipe the sweat away, gather yourself together, take a huge breathe and fling the door open again. Your body language is all over the place. You look like you just ran a mini-marathon.

Begrudgingly you invite Jesus to come in and have a seat on the perfectly smoothed and newly fluffed couch in the living room. He is welcome to sit there and only there, and if you could chain him to the couch, you would to prevent him from wandering through the rest of the house.

Now what?

Jesus begins to speak and ask you questions. The one question you feared he would ask finally arrives. “Can I see the rest of the house?” This is where people begin to squirm, wiggle, and get uncomfortable.

The reply is most often, “No; you wouldn’t want to see the rest of the house. We’ve been doing some small renovation work in the rest of the house, and it’s a mess. When we’re done, we would love to have you come back though., Please come back, and we will cook a wonderful dinner and have you over. We’ll have a great time. We didn’t know you were coming today, or we would have told you to wait for another day.”

Did he buy it?

Finally, taking a breath, you hope he leaves it at that and continues the small talk, but really you hope he decides his time there is done and moves onto the next unsuspecting victim.

But he doesn’t. Jesus wants to stay. He wants to see ALL of the rooms in your house, including the one you shoved all those things into out of guilt and shame. Jesus wants to see all the stuff behind that door. Look, folks, he already knows what’s back there.

More tomorrow.

In the meantime, do I have anyone thinking? You know what? J

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong, they are weak, but he is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me…”

God loves you too and longs to do a remodel in your life if you let him.

Let’s pray.

Father, be with my dear friends today. Please help them to open the doors to the rooms they have closed off to you for remodel. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

In His Service

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