Six Foot Ceiling – The Work – Part 7

Great day everyone! Are you up and at it today, ready to face today’s challenges? Come on now; there’s work to be done.

I was thinking back to the old house again today, and I remember when my friends and family first saw that old house before any renovations. Quite honestly, most of them thought my screws had come loose in my head for buying that old house.

They couldn’t fathom how I would take on such a project as a single mother with a three-year-old daughter. Most couldn’t see the vision of how it would look after it was done. I must admit, I couldn’t see all of it, but I was willing to try it.  Truth be told, the price of the home helped me see the vision.


I guess I keep coming back to the same thing here. God looks at us and, in some, sees a real mess. Others may look at us and decide we can’t be fixed. We’re beyond help. We’re ruined with no way to come back, so they give up on us and call us done.

But God doesn’t do that. He longs to remodel even the worst cases.

That good news!

There’s more good news! What we consider past the point of no repair, God is just getting started. His definition is far different than ours. Folks, it doesn’t matter how far the other direction I’ve gone in the damaged column; God still wants me to come back to Him. He still wants to remodel, remold me, and renovate my heart.  Thank you, God, someone wants me!

I run into people quite often who tell me it’s too late for God to do anything in their lives. They have messed their lives up so badly. They feel their life is in shambles, and there’s nothing God can do to fix it.

Can I tell you something today?

That is not true! God can do something. God will do something.

The moment we allow God in and quit running the other way is the moment change can occur in our lives. But what will happen when God begins to renovate us? There will be pain in those renovations because he will remodel those areas we have fought so furiously to hold onto.

There will be some hammer to the nail! Moreover, there will be pains in the remodeling process, but the finished product will be glorious! Amen? Amen!

The question becomes – Are you willing to allow the carpenter to do the work in your life?

Are you willing to admit there’s work that needs to be done? For some, still more work needs to be done.

Here’s another question for you.

Are you willing to allow God to renovate ALL areas of your life? Or have you decided he can only renovate a couple of rooms in your life?

More on that next time.

Let’s pray.

Father, today I pray for the renovation of all areas in our lives. God, I pray you would continue to do mighty work in us, renovating and remodeling. Father, I pray as we go through this process, we would draw closer to you, and the finished product would be glorious. I pray that as we go through this process, we would glorify you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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