Six Foot Ceiling – Broken Parts – Part 6

Broken parts or pierced pieces don’t hold together or work very well, do they? Often times we try and take shortcuts to get things done. We try and cut corners. In the end, we pay the price and end up paying more. Look, it’s not wise to cut corners, especially where Jesus is concerned.

I look at it this way – there are no corners to cut when it comes to Jesus. It’s a wide-open space, and sometimes we find ourselves running the other way, away from God instead of to him.

We miss, but God doesn’t.

God is not like a hammer to a nail in our hands.

Have you ever used a hammer on a nail?

Sometimes we miss the nail and we hit all around it. Other times we hit the finger and thumb holding the nail and cause ourselves great pain. And then sometimes we hit the nail right on the head. Folks, God never misses the nail. He always hits it perfectly.

When I think back to that old house and all the renovations I did, it was a lot. I have done smaller projects in the past. With any renovation project, you invest time, material, and sweat equity into the project. It’s the same with God. He invests sweat equity, time, and materials into us. He fixes our broken parts.

God already knows.

We visualize the outcome of the project. We have an idea of how it should look, what we anticipate it looking like. God already sees that. He has an idea of the finished product.

The thing is, we have such great potential to do marvelous work, molded and shaped by God.

There is a verse in Isaiah 64:8 that says, “And yet O Lord you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.”

Are you allowing the potter to shape you? To mold you? To remodel you? Fix your broken parts?

Some will say, “No, I’m not ready.”

Others will say they are happy with who they are.

Still, others will say, “Yes, please do.”

Let’s pray.

Lord, today help us to allow ourselves to be molded and shaped by you. Allow your craftsmanship and carpentry to take place in our lives. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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