Who is Jesus Christ? – Part 2

Who is Jesus Christ? Part 2

Who is Jesus Christ? It’s a great question. I believe many people search for answers as to who Jesus Christ is. After all, his name is still spoken after 2000 years. So, what can we learn about this man who lived so long ago, yet impacts lives today? Plenty.

Last we were together, we started on a journey to find out who Jesus Christ was, is, and who he will be in the future. I mentioned there were one of three options or thoughts about Jesus that many people held true for themselves.

Was Jesus Christ a lunatic, liar, or the Son of God?

I believe Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God.

Lists, lists, lists

I sat down a few weeks ago and made a list of all the references to Jesus Christ, both in the Old Testament and New testament of the Bible. I have yet to finish my list, and it’s already five pages long.

Allow me to share some of what I discovered – continue where I left off from last time we were together.

Knowing more information about Jesus Christ, especially if you have never read the Bible, will be, I believe, beneficial.

Many people have never read the Bible, yet have strong opinions about the Bible and its accuracy. Rather than pretend I know many things about the Bible, I chose to read every word. I’ve read the Bible in its entirety two times and am almost finished reading it a third time.

Living and active

The Bible is alive, mysterious, and full of God’s love letters to the world. It’s a book that outlines broken people, redemption, grace, and everlasting love and forgiveness.

It shows me that I am not alone in my struggles to make the right decisions, abstain from hurting people, and living life each day. Real people like me experienced the same struggles.

With all that said, let’s take another look at Jesus Christ – the Son of God.

  • He drew large crowds.
  • Compassionate
  • Taught us how to pray
  • Taught in parables
  • Rejected by his people, the jews
  • Walked on water
  • Predicted his death
  • Knew Old Testament scriptures
  • He paid taxes
  • He fed 1000’s of people
  • He talked with everyone and anyone
  • Foretold the future
  • Blind men called him the Son of David
  • He was born sometime between 6 and 5 B.C.
  • Died in A.D. 30
  • Would be called Immanuel
  • Herod wanted to kill him.
  • Even demons knew who he was
  • The prophet Isaiah prophesied about his coming 740 years before his birth
  • John the Baptist prepared the way for him
  • He paid the price for our sin on the cross

There’s still more

Next time we’re together, I will share Old Testament passages and their New Testament counterpart that shows the prophecies about Jesus Christ and their fulfillment.

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