World Full Of Choices – Who Will You choose?

Spring Break and Easter 09 042- MEIn a world full of choices, the choice to follow God or the enemy goes much deeper than where we’ll eat for lunch or what  shoes we will wear. It’s the difference between living and dying. It’s an eternal choice.

Does the enemy have eye-witness accounts if his birth, ministry here on earth, his death and resurrection? Does he have a best-selling book for past generations? Does he show love for us in immeasurable ways that exceed our comprehension?

Does the enemy love us at all? The answer is a big fat – NO!

How do I know he doesn’t?

Anyone that would intentionally want to mislead me, hurt me, or deceive me, does not love me in any way. So why would I want to follow that?

The point I’m trying to make is the enemy showers us with gifts, makes things feel good, look good, taste good, tells us lies and misleads us. Where? To a dead-end that leads to separation from Jesus Christ.

Next time something looks to good to be true, test it against what the Bible says is true. Don’t be deceived or mislead by the enemy. He’s not after lost people because they are already lost. He’s after folks who believe in Christ Jesus. He is after you and me.

Put on the full armor of God. What is that you ask?

We’ll talk more about that next time. Until then, don’t fall prey to the enemies’ schemes.

God help us to stand strong, and to listen to your voice Lord. In your Son’s name I pray, amen.

Standing on God’s promises,

Jeanette Duby



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