30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Doctrine

Join me today as dive into our overview of Bible Doctrine from the book, “30 Days to Understanding the Bible” by Max Anders. Let’s take a look at what he says in our overview of Bible doctrine.

Max Anders outlines ten subjects in the bible doctrine overview:

  1. The Bible
  2. God
  3. Christ
  4. Holy Spirit
  5. Angels
  6. Man
  7. Sin
  8. Salvation
  9. Church
  10. Future Things

“When you add all the authors and all the books of the Bible together, and then boil them down to their irreducible minimum, what does the Bible teach? What subjects does it cover, and what does it say about each subject? When you add Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul together, and what did they teach about God, Christ, angels, and the future? As you begin to answer these questions, you are trafficking in the subject known as “Bible doctrine.”

Wow! That is some excellent stuff. Think about this for a moment – guys like Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul taught about things we would know very little about if they hadn’t taught about those subjects. Those men taught us about God, Christ, angels, and the future. Amazing!

In the coming sessions, we will break down each subject and see what we can learn about each one. It will be fun.

Thoughts by Tim Tebow

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