Counting The Cost Of Following Christ

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Counting the Cost of Following Christ

Today we take a look at counting the cost of following Christ.  What does that look like?

How do we know following Christ is costing us anything? The following list gives us an idea of some areas we may run into a confrontation when following Christ:

  • Who may oppose us – Government, Religious People, Family
  • Our natural response – Fear and worry
  • Possible pressures – Threats, physical harm, pubic ridicule, rejection by loved ones
  • Needed truth:
    • The truth will be revealed – Matthew 10:26
    • Our soul cannot be harmed – Matthew 10:28
    • God himself will acknowledge us if we acknowledge him – Matthew 10:32
    • God’s love can sustain us – Matthew 10:31

“Jesus helped his disciples prepare for the rejection many of them would experience by being Christians. Being God’s person will usually create reactions from others who are resisting him.”

When you reflect on your life, do you find yourself in any of the categories above?

Is following Jesus costing you anything? Yes or no? If so, what is it costing you?

If it’s not costing you, are you really following Him?

By counting the costs, we find that Jesus is worth it.

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