Details Of Shay’s Revenge

To have a full appreciation of the mountain my daughter skied down, here’s a little information for you to digest. It might help bring the previous story into a brighter light. Then again, it might encourage you to go try this slope out for yourself. Perhaps you are someone who likes risk. If you are not, you are not alone. I’ll be more than happy to sit beside you on the baby ski lift as we make our way down a pretty flat slope. Allow me to share the following information and life application with you from a seasoned Shay’s skier.

“The lower section of Shay’s Revenge is a double black diamond slope that can be deceiving. Depending on the day, it can be extremely dangerous – 3 foot high moguls (bumps), glaring ice, and so steep that if you fall, you will not stop sliding until you reach the bottom, or a tree which ever comes first. If you don’t hug a tree, you will come to a stop about a 1/4 of a mile down the slope. At about this point you are probably thinking you’re going to seriously hurt whoever convinced you to ski this slope. Shay’s Revenge on other days, if groomed, can be as smooth as a babies bottom, and fluffy deep with powdery snow. If you fall, you only slide a few feet before coming to a stop. In this condition, a decent beginner/intermediate skier can go down it without too much difficulty. Bottom line, “ya gotta know the mountain”.

There are so many life applications that can be made here but I will attempt only one. In the transformation process it is important that we take risks. The kind of risk that overcomes fear, builds one up, not in pride, but in knowing who we are in Christ, The risk that takes a chance on a relationship willing to be hurt and loving the person around the faults, the risk that over comes our insecurities and takes the initiative. I have often wondered why all this complexity with life Lord? It seems that to experience life the way God designed it abundantly, and since we are fearfully and wonderfully made, there is a lot we must learn in this school of relationships. Like old Shay, once we understand the universal Truths of relationships the basics fall into place.”

Well, there you have it folks, some details about Shay’s Revenge you might not have otherwise learned.

How many times do we stand at the top of a mountain like Shay’s and question what we’re supposed to do and how we’ll ever make it through? My guess is, many times. What do we do in those situations? How do we begin?

Give those questions some thought today and seek our Heavenly Father for the answers.

In His Service


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