Shay’s Revenge

Standing atop the black slope affectionately known as “Shay’s Revenge,” is my fourteen year old daughter at the time – new to skiing, but not new to trying different things. Where’s mom? I’m still trying to navigate my way down the green run known as “Cub Run.” It’s funny – the word “Cub” indicates a baby, a little one, a beginner. I’ll admit, there were times I screamed like a baby going down the beginner slopes. It was a good thing this mamma bear was far away from her baby bear. I don’t think my heart could have taken it watching her make her first ever attempt down “Shay’s Revenge,” an infamous black ski slope on her second day ever of skiing. On second thought, I couldn’t have watched her anyway without having to go down myself. There are blessings all around, I’m just saying…

I’ll ask the question for you – How could you allow her to ski down such a dangerous mountain?

Answer – I didn’t know much about this mountain, but anything with the word, “revenge” as part of its name has got to be something treacherous. I don’t really know that I answered that question just now.

Let’s try this again shall we?

Answer – She went with someone I trusted. She went with an adult I knew would risk life and limb to protect her. How? I’m not sure, but the thought was comforting. She went with someone I knew was an expert skier. After all, he wore an outrageous looking ski cap and goggles. Anyone with ski goggles and a funny looking knit cap had to be an expert skier in my book. I knew he was more than capable of teaching my daughter everything she needed to know about how to get down this mountain. My daughter trusted him completely as well as the others who joined them. Their presence only boosted her confidence and lowered her fear level.

Both of us stepped forward in faith. I in my two dollar knit cap, and her in a little bit more than cheap, ski cap.

Life is like that in our walk with Jesus. Some are still feeling their way like babies in their walk with Christ, while others are skiing full steam ahead.

Where do you stand? Do you trust the Savior of the world with your life or are you still making your way there?

Psalm 71:1, “In You, O Lord, I put my trust; Let me never be put to shame.”

Father, I trust you and sure there are days when that trust runs slim, but I know that’s my own weakness that creeps up in its place. Help us Father to place complete trust in you. Thanks Lord for being someone I can trust always. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Standing on the promises of God,


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