Do Not Fear For We Are Not Alone

In today’s climate, it’s easy to get fearful. After all, we’re surrounded by doom and gloom daily depending on who or what you watch. Oh how I long to see more  good and positive news, but experts say that kind of news doesnt sell. Sad. Despite the negativity, there is good news and we should not fear. Let’s check out the following passage of Scripture from the prophet Isaiah.

I don’t know about you, but this passage brings me great comfort during these difficult days. The virus has dramatically impacted many lives and two years later, it is still creating havoc and confusion. 

It’s in these moments that leaning into Almighty God is the best thing we can do as believers. I can’t imagine my life without the safety and provisions of the Lord.

I remember the days of trying to live without the Lord. It was a trainwreck. I can say today that I am so thankful I chose to turn my life around. If I had to face this virus nightmare without feeling the presence of the Lord, it would be even more difficult. I am not saying every day is easy, but it is easier knowing the Lord is with me each day. I trust the Lord above all else. I choose to place my hope in him rather than go through this life alone and rely on broken people. And if one thing is clear from this virus, no one has all the right answers.

Oh my Lord, give us the strength and discernment you promised your children in the Scriptures!

Lord, I can’t get through my days without your strength and presence.  Where would I turn? In whom would I rely?

As we get up and face each day, let’s remind ourselves that we do not need to fear all the doom and gloom we see and hear because God is near. He is faithful and he loves us with an unending love! 


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