End Times Events – New Series

Welcome to another edition of The Teaching Lady, where we look at various topics and subjects both in and out of the church. Today, we embark on a new series titled End Times Events. Do you think we’re living in the end times? Does the world feel out of control to you? Are you wondering if Jesus is coming back soon?

Over the last few months, we have been looking at fulfilled prophecies of the Messiah. On our journey, we found several prophetic scriptures that pointed to the Messiah in the Old Testament. We didn’t stop there, though. Instead, we looked for its New Testament counterpart and found plenty, all pointing to the same person – Jesus Christ as the fulfillment. Therefore, Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the same one prophesied in the Old Testament.

We started in the beginning and traveled through time till we reached his ascension into heaven, where he is seated at the right hand of the Father. Now that we have established through Scripture that Jesus Christ is the long-awaited Messiah, we move onto the next phase of our journey – end times events that lead to his second coming.

Yes, I believe Jesus Christ is coming back again, and from everything I see on the world stage, his return could be at any moment. We must be prepared.

But one has to ask, what are the signs of his coming? That’s a loaded question because depending on who you are and where you stand with Jesus will dictate how you answer that question.

What do I mean?

Many believers today are surveying the current landscape and believe we are in the last days. Christ is coming to rapture his church, and we will be out of here before the seven-year tribulation starts and the antichrist is revealed. Others believe we are living in the last days’ already, living through the tribulation period now.

Still, others are waiting for the Messiah to make his first appearance, so for them, the view has a different meaning. Lastly, some don’t believe anyone is coming, and it’s just a bunch of nonsense, mumbo jumbo.

We will look at various end times events that point to the return of Jesus Christ and the last days.

The advantage we have regarding the last days is the foreknowledge God gives us in His Word, the Bible. Without it, many would flounder without the hope we have been given from the Lord about end times events. Believers are told to watch for the signs and to stay alert.

I watch many online sermons, and one of the common user names in the chat section is watchman and watchwoman. This is because so many men and women are watching and waiting for Christ’s return.

My prayer is you will find this new series, End Times Events, helpful, and perhaps we can get a better understanding of some of these events. I will let the Bible direct accordingly.

Join me tomorrow for our first step into end times events.


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