End Times Events – What Does The Bible Say?

Welcome to another edition of The Teaching Lady, where we look at various topics and subjects in and out of the church. Today, we embark on a new series titled End Times Events. What does the Bible say about end times events?

We will spend the next several weeks and maybe even months looking at what the Bible says about end times events.

Do you think we’re living in the end times? Does the world feel out of control to you? Are you wondering if Jesus is coming back soon?

I sure do. Why? Because in the last two years, I have never witnessed so many changes to our country, lifestyle, moral, societal norms, politics, and general way of living. I cannot recall a time in my life where I have seen so many things happen so quickly. The changes are happening rapidly, and I am not the only one who has noticed.

There are several good people out there who have noticed the same trends.

News and World Report

Many folks don’t watch the news anymore. Why? Negativity and reliability. Too much negativity and not enough reliability. Who can you trust?

When I mention a current event or something I saw on the news, many of my friends are surprised.

“Did you see the latest on the news tonight?”

“No. I don’t watch the news anymore.”

While I understand that, and I certainly don’t fault someone for not watching the news, I think it is important to keep up with current events. I believe one needs to be aware of what’s happening worldwide, not just here at home.

Why around the world? Because the Bible is a record of what happened in the Middle East and what will happen in future days in the Middle East.

What’s another reason we need to be paying attention? Because the Bible tells us we are to be watching. We are to stay alert.

Luke 12:39, “But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

Look around

I have learned to go outside the U.S. for world news. I have found reliable news sources outside the United States for news happening around the world. It’s interesting to hear other countries give their perspective on what is happening here in America. Quite interesting and sometimes embarrassing.

Because I believe we are living in end times, it’s important to know what the players who are mentioned in the Bible are doing today. Many of the major players in the Middle East are part of Bible prophecy. Therefore, one cannot ignore them.

It is said that many churches today do not touch on Bible prophecy. I don’t understand how almost a 1/3 of the Bible can be ignored or glossed over in churches today. If God allowed Bible prophecy to be in the Bible, surely it is important and should be studied.

As we move through this series, we will look at specific events and see what the Bible has to say, and try to tie them to current events as best we can.

I hope you will stick around.


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