Fear Not -It’s Just a Ride

Fear Not -It’s Just a Ride

Fear not they say; it’s just a ride. You will be fine. Don’t worry. You are going to be fine. We have all heard those sentiments from well-meaning friends and family.

When I was a lot younger, I used to go to the fair when it came to town. One of my favorite rides was a big ship that swung from side to side, like a swing. There were times when it seemed as if it would go completely around. I would sit in the back row, hands high in the air as it swung from side to side. When it reached its peak, my body would lift out of the seat, and for a brief moment, it was like I was flying. Anyone who has ever ridden that ride knows what I’m talking about.

I’m much older now.

Fast forward twenty plus years and my best friend and I went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. To our delight, they had the same ride. It turns out my BFF loved this ride when she was younger too. So the two of us looking to rekindle our old memories of great fun jumped in line with much excitement. We couldn’t wait to grab the back row and ride old glory.

Let’s do this!

Our turn came, and we raced to the rear seat, and in front of us sat a boy about ten years old. We were acting cool as cucumbers, giggling, and carrying on about how we used to love this ride. The anticipation was almost more than we could handle.

Within a few minutes, the big boat started to sway back and forth. As the ship swung higher and higher, the memories of olden days came rushing back to each one of us, and with hands high in the air, we rode this boat for all its glory. No fear. Not yet, anyway.


The boat reached its full swing, and riding in the air wasn’t as much fun as I remembered. All of a sudden, thoughts of flying out of the boat took over, thoughts of dying on this ride started to encompass and overwhelm me. The thought of leaving my child motherless sent me into full screaming mode directly into the little boy’s ears.

If memory serves, I wasn’t the only one who had second thoughts about riding such a ride as a mother. My friend felt the same way.

What had happened to us?

Fear set in.

What were we thinking of getting on such a ride in our older years? We both had kids and families. All of a sudden, the fear of losing our lives or being injured overtook us as we floated above the seat.

Oh, and forget the little boy in front of us. The poor little boy never heard so much screaming in all his little life as he heard that day from two grown women who were filled with fear.

I must admit we did laugh afterward as we recalled the story to our kids, but I know for me, I was laughing so I wouldn’t cry from the fear I felt inside. Our days of riding the big boat were over, and we would vow to never, ever, I mean never, ride the big boat ride again!

There’s a guy in the Bible who risked it all.

Want to read about a great missionary guy who risked life and limb to spread the gospel?

Check out the books of Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Ephesians, and many more written by the Apostle Paul, a great and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was beaten, bruised, thrown in jail, run out of town, and much more. He risked it all yet held strong to his faith.

Let’s pray.

Father, I’m thankful there are missionaries in this world who aren’t afraid to spread the gospel to foreign lands. They risk their lives and family lives to get the Gospel message out. Thank you, Lord, for my mission field here. And Lord, I don’t ever want to ride that boat ride again. I’m fine with both feet on the ground. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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