Fellowship – Acts 2:42-47

On the trek with Student Life Conference, I wanted to share Day 2 of the devotional they gave us at the conference, so sit back and relax as you read what they shared with us about Fellowship.

“Fellowship is part of the Christian life that often gets overlooked and understated, but fellowship with other believers is actually vital to the health of our spiritual lives. When we place our faith in Jesus Christ, we enter the kingdom of God and the family of God. As believers, we are called to be in unity and “fellowship” with one another. But what is fellowship? What makes fellowship different from simply having a group of friends?

Fellowship is the idea of living life with a support system of believers. In this support system, other believers should help push you closer to Christ as you do the same for them. If we try to live the life God has called us to on our own, we will have a very difficult time. We need other believers, our spiritual family, to help us when we need it the most.

If you have ever read Acts 2, you will see the formation of the Church of the New Testament. As you can read in this passage, the apostle Peter preached a powerful message about Jesus at a Jewish festival called “Pentecost.” One of the most powerful elements of this story is that those who heard this message were the actual Jews who agreed to having Jesus crucified, but after hearing Peter’s message about Jesus they repented of their sin and were baptized. The group that originally opposed Jesus was now following his teachings.

Take a minute to read Acts 2:42-47. If you don’t have a Bible handy, Google Bible.org.

Why was fellowship important to this group?”

As you read this passage tonight, consider the answer to the question and ask yourself about the group you fellowship with?

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