From Green To Blue – Psalm 25:1

Last we were together, me and my daughter were on a ski trip in Snowshoe, West Virginia. We had strapped on the ski gear, made our way to the teaching slope, completed our ski lessons together, and now we were ready for our first real ski experience together. It would seem my daughter and her friends had a different idea.

While I stood there looking down the mountain, trying to get my feet and poles moving in a forward motion, my daughter pushed off with no fear and away she went.  Visions of the two of us skiing together faded like melted snow. She had blown past me several times that day. Have you ever been standing on the side of the road and an 18 wheeler blows past you and nearly knocks you over from the force? That’s what it felt like when my daughter and her friends skied past me.

It wasn’t long before my daughter’s friends starting talking to her about moving over to the other ski runs. The runs on the other side were more challenging, and they were all ready to advance to those slopes. They had skied those before, and knew how much fun they were. My daughter was ready to move on from the easy slope, the greens.

Next up – the blues… Not as in emotional for me that I was being left behind, but as in level of difficulty for them. Oh my heart, I’m not sure I can take it. Well, if it’s like the green runs, I wouldn’t see them anyway.

I’m back to the trust again, only this time, my trust level would be stretched.

How many times has your trust level been stretched? How many times have you had to loosen your grip on something or someone you love to trust God with them? There are times in our lives where we will experience those moments, and it’s important how we handle those times. Will we retract our trust and take back control, or will we relinquish our control, and allow God to work and move in our situation?

Psalm 25:1 says this, “In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.”

Father, thank you for being a God I can put my trust in. Thank you for being there wherever we are, and in whatever we are doing.

Standing on the promises of God,




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