God Really Does Answer Prayer

Beth Moore came to Daytona back in November. I’m still just as excited about having had the chance to go see her in person as I was leading up to that day.

My friend and me carpooled together over to the Daytona Beach convention center. She was speaking both Friday and Saturday. Check out my previous posts about all the great things that happened on Friday night while we were there.

And while I am thrilled to pieces over what happened on that Friday night, Saturday was even more thrilling than the night before. The memories are engrained in my mind forever.

Once inside the convention center, we searched for two seats in the general vicinity of where she would be speaking. The morning was God filled, and the music and prayer time were memorable for all there.

During the morning session, Beth Moore had given us a homework assignment. We were to hold onto that assignment which would be addressed later in the session. When the break came, I decided to use my free time to do my homework. I didn’t know what would happen and when, I just felt the need to get it done, and so for the next twenty minutes, I did my homework.

The assignment? Write down why we thought God brought us there for the weekend.

A half an hour went by and the break session came to a close. Beth Moore came back out onto the stage, spoke for a few minutes.

“Ladies, I’m going to do something my bodyguard doesn’t like me to do very often – I’m going into the crowd.”

My first thought was she’ll just head for the floor as she has done previous. We were sitting up near the top of the second tier of seats. Surely she wouldn’t make her way up there.

She started heading in our general direction and again I said to myself, “She won’t head up here.” But she kept climbing stairs, and climbing stairs, and climbing stairs. Before I knew, she was standing five feet from me in the aisle, a microphone in hand.

“Ladies, take out your homework,” she exclaimed.

Oh wow! I had just finished my homework shortly before. I couldn’t believe it. Beth Moore was standing five feet away from, and she asked us to take out our homework. This was beyond anything I could have imagined.

“Ladies, I need three people to share their homework with me and the girls. Raise your hand if you did your homework. I want you to read it to everyone.”

Three of us in the upper section raised our hands. And then it happened.

She handed the microphone to me, and asked me to read what I wrote.

The moment had arrived. Any nervousness I had been feeling as she was gliding up those steps toward our section disappeared, and now 8,800 women were staring at me via the jumbo tron, awaiting the words I felt like God had given me to say just a short time ago. And for the next few minutes, I was floating. I didn’t quiver, I didn’t stutter, I didn’t panic as I read my homework assignment to Beth Moore.

Photo: Found this on the website tonight!

When I finished reading what I had written, she looked at me and tenderly responded to my concerns and gave me some great advice. To be honest, I don’t remember everything she said, but I do remember what was probably the most important thing out of all of it – “Stay low and keep the Lord raised up.”

In other words, stay humble and keep God lifted up in everything you do.

I have been dreaming for years to meet Beth Moore, and to be able to sit down and speak to her one on one. I have questions about the ministry, about how to handle certain things. And while I didn’t get the opportunity to address those questions specifically, I did get the great privilege of speaking to her one on one about what I had written down.

Out of 8,800 women in the convention center that day, I was one of three chosen to share my homework. That my friend is a God appointed moment I will never forget.

I floated out of the convention center that day. My friend couldn’t believe what happened and the two of us were just giddy over the whole weekend. God did not disappoint!

We never know when God will answer prayers, and while Beth Moore may not consider that an answered prayer of hers, I sure did. I still think about that day, and think, “Wow Lord, you sure did show yourself to me that day!”

What have you been praying for? Are you still waiting for God to share His answer with you? My friend, please don’t stop praying. Please don’t stop talking to the Lord about what is on your heart. He does hear our prayers and does answer them. His answer may be Yes, No, or wait. Whatever His answer is, it is what is best for us. And while there are times we wouldn’t agree that His answer is best, we have to trust that God is in control and knows all things. Why? Because He is God.

Standing on the Promises of God,

Jeanette Duby



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