Lab Dogs Are Very Loyal

I’ve been house sitting for the past eleven days. Part of this job is watching two miniature horses known as Labrador Retrievers.

Want affectionate, loyal, and always attentive beyond what you can handle? Get a Lab. Want to play endless hours of mouth slobbering ball, or pick of remnants of stuffed chew toys? Get a Lab. Want a protective animal for nighttime? Get a Lab.Photo: My babies turned 4 today!!! Love them to pieces!

Aren’t they the cutest?

The moment I walk in the door, the interaction begins. It takes me back to when my daughter was a baby. You’re job is never done till everyone is fast asleep.

Loyal. It’s such a strong word that demands commitment. Jesus Christ is loyal even when we can’t reciprocate our loyalty to Him. We often times find ourselves loyal to many other things, some producing no real benefit to our future.

What would full fledge loyalty look like with Jesus? It would look something like the endless wind beneath a high flying kite, or the rock formations of a mountain. It would look like the deep blue sea populated with God’s sea creatures swimming freely about. Or maybe it could look something like you and me living in right relationship with Him on a daily basis.

Are we as loyal to Jesus as a Labrador Retriever is loyal to it’s owner or dog sitter?

There’s a lesson to be learned from my four legged friends. Loyalty, dedication, love, and commitment – it’s something we all could practice more, especially me.

Psalm 57:10, “For your loyal love extends beyond the sky, and your faithfulness reaches the clouds.”

Thank you Jesus for your never ending loyalty and love for us.

Standing on the Promises of God,

(With two Labs laying at my feet of course)
Jeanette Duby



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