Trailing Behind

I have been remiss in writing the last few months, even falling behind on keeping up with this website. As so many people before me, I rededicated myself to writing again January 1. For me, it wasn’t about diet or exercise, or cutting back on spending, all of which I need to do fiercely, but it was more about getting back to doing what brought me so much enjoyment before – reading and writing – and sorry – no arithmetic.

Life events happen that throw us off course. We find ourselves falling behind in the things that brought us pure joy. And before we know it, new habits form that take us further away from that joyful place.

I had been on fire for God and then something happened. I lost focus in the areas that meant the most to me, and in doing so, found myself feeling further and further away from my best friend, Jesus Christ. He hadn’t moved or done anything to cause what felt like distance, I did.

When I determined I would get back to writing, my website had been malfunctioning something terrible. That’s what I get for falling behind on it’s maintenance. No longer were people able to find encouraging words and wit. No, they were led to a website that sold fruit and flowers. My Fruit Wars had become something I didn’t recognize. The message of a Savior had been replaced.

A dear friend of mine gave me this saying, and I thought it was so appropriate for this time in my life and the confusion of the website.

“You may not think that the world needs you, but it does. For you are unique like no one that has ever been there before or will come after. No one can speak your voice, say your piece, smile your smile, or shine your light. No one can take your place for it is yours alone to fill. If you are not there to shine your light, who knows how many travelers will lose their way as they try to pass by your empty place in the darkness.”

I have to shine the light on Jesus. If I don’t do my part, how many people will pass by the most wonderful gift of all – Jesus Christ.

Father, you created me for a reason and I believe it was to shine the light on you. Father as I get back to writing and sharing, may your words fill my cup so that it overflows. May your wisdom be the direction I follow. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Standing on His Promises,
Jeanette Duby



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