Learning Can Be Fun – Funny How That Changes As You Age

Learning can be fun!

Funny how that changes as you age. Suddenly, those things we resisted with the utmost passion are the very things we enjoy learning about now that we are older and wiser. Some would argue we are no wiser than when we were children, but perhaps they haven’t yet reached the plateau we’re sitting on. I hope they get there someday because the view from here is very different.

What has changed?

It’s the change of scenery that has changed for me. I no longer look to gratify the sinful desires I once longed for.  I used to think I had all the answers and that life was my bowl of cherries to eat however I wanted. But I have figured out that my bowl of cherries pales in comparison to what God has waiting for me.

What does the Bible say about change?

The Bible talks about shedding the old self and striving to become a new creation in Christ. For me, that doesn’t mean shedding those extra pounds but shedding those old habits and hang-ups that have kept me down for so long. For me, that means letting go of the painful memories of the past, forgiving those who have injured and purposely hurt me and forgiving myself.


There’s great freedom in letting go. It’s something I have learned over the years.  I think we can fool ourselves into thinking that if we let go of it, we are betraying it or someone else. But in letting go, we are actually gaining freedom from the pain and chains that have kept us locked up for so long. Those chains that have bound us do not say, I love you. They say bondage and shame.

For many today, it’s time to use the key to unlock that padlock that keeps those chains bound around you. It’s time to throw off those chains and experience true freedom and joy – in Christ Jesus! This is one of the things I talk about in my book, Bridge to Grace.

Don’t be like me – I carried those chains around for a long time.

Did you know that chains weigh a lot when you have carried them around for years? They also start to lose their color and eventually just become a part of you.


Throw off the chains that bind you up and experience true freedom in Christ! I did and I couldn’t be happier. The scale says I weigh less too and that’s a great thing!




Jeanette Duby

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