Monkey Bar Memories

I was watching my old wedding video the other day, and there were so many people I’ve lost touch with over the years. Those people were a part of my growing up and figuring out adulthood. I remembered the fun times, the difficult times and the times when we worked really hard to get ahead.

I remember life being less noisy, less busy and more socially interactive in person. I remember talking on the telephone, hearing the home phone ring and doing 3-way calls with friends.

I remember writing letters and licking envelopes and stamps being cheap. I remember us riding around town without seatbelts.

I remember those days when I hung with all my adult friends and they looked after me like I was their daughter or grandchild.

One of the coolest memories I have is laying on the top of a swing set’s monkey bars at night, staring into the night sky. At 18 years old, I didn’t know what my future would hold or what would happen. As I stared into the night sky, I was always amazed at the big dipper and the little dipper. They were there every time I looked up from the top of that swing set.

I spent many nights laying across that swing set in my best friend’s backyard out in the middle of the woods. It was quiet, dark and the only noise came from the woods of small animals scurrying around. For some reason, that was my quiet time away from the noisy world.

As I stare up at the night sky these days, my mind goes back to the top of that swing set. The view is exactly the same on a clear night. The little dipper and big dipper are exactly the same, some 33 years later and I’m roughly 180 miles north of that old swing set.

That’s my God! He created the heavens and the earth, and no matter where I am around this land, on a clear night up in the sky, I can see the dippers. I am reminded that I am not alone. I wasn’t then at 18 and I’m not now.

Many blessings to you and yours,

Jeanette Duby

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