Lizard Tales – John 8:34

It’s been over a month now and my lizard friend is still residing in my work window. Each day I watch him go through the hole in the screen, out to the big world only to return a few hours later and hang out. It has brought me great joy.

The other day I was watching him (I know it doesn’t sound like I’m doing any work but I am) and he was hanging toward the top looking out to the parking lot. Without notice, a big mosquito looking bug came flying by. Lizard took notice and he watched this bug fly all around him. There were times when the bug would fly right up to him. Lizard would dart toward the bug attempting to have him for a meal, but he quickly learned the screen was separating the two of them. This bug continued to fly all around him for several minutes, and as it flew in circles around him, lizards’ head began to move in circles with it. It was a sight to see. It would appear the bug was getting some kind of satisfaction knowing lizard couldn’t touch him. Oh, but if lizard were smart he could. He could have moved to the outside of the screen and grabbed the bug within seconds. But he didn’t.

It’s like that with us too. Sin flies all around us tempting us all the while. I’m doing a Beth Moore study right now and she said, “Satan longs to bring you back to the sinful place you were in so long ago. He wants to undo any progress you have made in regards to overcoming sin.” (Paraphrased)

The point is Satan will and is doing that with us today. He flies around us, he taunts us, he makes things sound wonderful. He gives us reasons to justify why sin is the right thing all the while fooling us and dragging us further and further away from God and what pleases him.

We can be like the lizard if we choose and stomp on sin where it stands. We can put an end to those sins in our lives if we would take a stand against it.

John 8:34 says this, “Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.”

What does it mean to be a slave to sin? My footnote says, “Because sinners cannot break free by their own strength.”

We need Gods help to break free from the sins that bind us up. But we have to be willing to ask him and to leave them behind.

Are you willing to do that today or are you justifying your actions and decisions to stay bound up in your sins?

Take it to the Father, the one who loves you more than anyone else on this earth. Ask Him to help you today!

Lord as I prayed yesterday, we are all sinners and we all struggle with sin, some more than others. Lord help us to stomp it out. Help us in those areas we struggle with so much. help us to get free from them and take on more Christ-like qualities. in Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

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