Marco Polo – Are You Hiding From Jesus?

Marco Polo – Are You Hiding From Jesus?

As a child, I remember playing numerous games of Marco Polo in my grandmother’s swimming pool. If you have never played this game before (I guess you wouldn’t if you never had a pool), the game is for everyone in the pool. One person closes their eyes and yells Marco while the others respond with Polo. Marco has to find the Polos and tag them while their eyes are closed. The Polos can go underwater to move around, but they are not supposed to get out of the pool, brother!!! Can you tell my brother usually cheated by getting out of the pool and running to the other end?

Whoever the Marco tags, that Polo becomes the new Marco, and the game continues. It is a lot of fun even if certain family members cheat.

When I thought of this memory, it reminded me of something important I wanted to share with you.

Jesus is not hiding from us or the world. He is not playing Marco Polo with us. However, some people are playing this game with Jesus. Some people are playing Marco, and some are playing Polos.

I am sure those people have their reasons for playing this game with Jesus. What those reasons are I do not know. Maybe they are playing it out of fear; perhaps out of shame, perhaps they don’t know Jesus at all. It’s possible they heard about Him in church or on television. Maybe they simply wish to hide from him and pretend he doesn’t exist at all.

Are you playing Marco Polo with Jesus?

Father, this morning, we come to you for comfort, for wisdom, for direction. Are we playing the game of Marco Polo with your son, Jesus Christ? If we are Lord, may we come out of the shadows and take His hand. If we are ashamed of something, may we seek His face and make it right. You sent your son Jesus Christ into this world to save us from our sins, to be the atoning sacrifice for us all. As we go into these upcoming weeks Lord of remembering His birth, may we remember the real reason we celebrate this season and why He came. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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