Never Rollerblade Down Hill

Years and years ago, I went rollerblading with friends in Palm Beach. We were rollerblading through the streets of Palm Beach, enjoying the scenic beaches and the big fancy homes. We decided to cross over the intracoastal and head into downtown West Palm Beach via rollerblade.

One wouldn’t think it would be a problem crossing over into the next county, except, to do that you had to go downhill to get to the sidewalk that led you there. One by one, my friends skated down the hill, turned the corner, and free skated for another fifty yards before coming to a stop in the grassy area. Each one made the trek safely with no incidents. Do you think I could follow behind them with such ease and grace? Nope!

I started down the hill and quickly learned that going down hill was not my expertise, but tumbling and rolling was. I hit the grassy area just before the turn and tumbled head over skates, and landed directly in front of one of the local bums. I stood up, curtsied, and skated off. The bum clapped his hands and cheered.

When falling down, we must get back up. When failing, we must try again. We must keep moving forward and not allow failures and disappointment to get us down. We must remember that we are never alone. God is always with us. Knowing God is with me, is a very comforting thought and I’m so grateful. I feel confident he was with me that day, because it could have turned out much worse. I could have broken a bone, suffered road rash or worse yet, run the poor guy down. Looking back, I probably made the poor chaps day.

Thank you Lord for always being there in good times and in the bad. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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