When Buying New Tires Always Tighten Lug Nuts – Camper Memories

When buying new tires for anything always tighten the lug nuts. Usually, we aren’t the ones actually doing the work, but it pays to check to ask the question, “Have you tightened all the lug nuts?”

One of the fondest memories I have with my pop-up camper was when I took it for tire changes. It needed new rims and tires, so I towed it up to the local tire store for a little TLC. Eighty dollars later, we were back home and ready to go on our next adventure.

A few weeks went by and a friend of mine asked if they could borrow it for a long weekend. I didn’t mind because we had not been able to take it out, so them borrowing it was fine by me. Campers need to get some run time to keep everything working properly.

They wanted to head up north for several days and they needed a cheap place to stay. Cheap = my pop-up. If you saw it, you would totally agree with cheap. My camper had never been up north and these folks had never camped before in their lives. If you read the last few posts, my camper was infamous for its wonderful cable system.

Despite the infamous cable system, I excitedly agreed to let them take my camper. After all, everyone should experience camping sometime in their life, and what better way to experience it than with my camper. You might as well get the complete pop-up camper experience as you may never go again.

Being the kind person I am, I instructed them intensely on how to use it. I took it to their house and showed them how to open it, pull the beds out and make them, secure the sides and level the frame. I showed them where to store their stuff and how to run the a/c. I will say one of the biggest reasons I bought this camper despite getting it so cheap was that it had a real window unit A/C in it that could freeze your socks off. We’re in Florida, do you blame me? For those who prefer a hotel room over camping out in the wild, with an air conditioning system like this, you would be just fine. The rest would be redone, but a window unit a/c unit was the diamond in this rough.

Most importantly though, I showed them how to repair her if she held true to her nature. After a thorough lesson, they convinced me they were ready to set off on their next great adventure – with my pop-up camper in tow.

The day came and everyone was excited, except for me. I wasn’t too sure this was a good idea, but they assured me everything would be fine. They had taken copious notes and would take care of my pop-up camper as if it were their own. As they pulled away from my house, I waved farewell and prayed. Good thing I prayed because you’ll never believe what happened next. Remember those new tires and rims?

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.
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