Pass In The Grass!

I’ve been teaching my daughter how to drive the last several months and that has been a real joy. It reminds me of my early driving days. I don’t really remember the days I drove with my father as much as I remember the days I had my permanent license and could drive anywhere myself. I had become an experienced driver at sixteen, so much so that I made up my own rules when driving on city streets. I know, not a good thing at sixteen.

I recall one afternoon my best friend and I were on the other side of town, far from home and we had to be back her house by 3pm. When I looked at my watch it was 2:45pm. We were a good twenty minutes away if one drove in a normal, safe manner. If we didn’t get home by 3pm, she would be grounded and our good times would come to an end for at least a week.

I remember the day all too well. We had fifteen minutes and a bunch of slow cars in front of us. We were traveling on a four lane highway with grass shoulders going down both sides. There was no room for passing normally for all the cars. However, there was room to pass using the grass shoulder.

Oh no you didn’t? Oh yes we did.

I broke out to the right shoulder in my turbo, four cylinder Toyota Tercel, pedal to the medal, and passed several cars using the grassy shoulder as my new road. For quite a distance we road in the grassy area. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I could have very well driven into road signs or any number of potholes and ditches in those grassy areas.

Fortunate for us there were none. What was a twenty five minute drive was soon shortened tremendously. We were still going to be late, but five minutes was a whole lot better than fifteen or twenty minutes.

When I look back at that moment, it wasn’t the right thing to do. It wasn’t smart, it wasn’t safe and quite honestly we should have taken the consequences for being late.

Sometimes we find ourselves in those situations and rather than take the consequences, we choose to do things that don’t make good sense, things that don’t bring honor to God.

What happens after we have made those choices? Hopefully we felt conviction from the Holy Spirit about our choices. I know I sure did that day.

Lord help us to make the right decisions, sensible decisions. Each day we are faced with making decisions about situations or things that come up in our lives. Help us to make the right decision and in making that decision bring honor and glory to you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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