Propel Women Series: Balance -Myth Of Having It All-Part 1

Propel Women Series: Balance -Myth of Having it All – Part 1

Propel Women Series is looking at balance and the myth of having it all. As I sat through the first session, I couldn’t help but nod in agreement with everything the panel was discussing.  How did we get here? When did it become necessary to have it all? The Propel Women series has started us down this path of picking this myth apart. Here are just a few of my notes from day one. I will write more about this topic in blogs to come, so check those out.

You can have it all

“Want to have it all? Here’s what society says we should do: earn a master’s degree or higher in your field; start your own business; make six figures; lead a staff; get married to your soul mate.

Work hard but smart, so you can keep passing your peers on the promotion ladder without ever having to work on a weekend.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

One of the things I like about the Propel Series is that they bring the Lord into the discussion. Honestly, I can’t do this life without the Lord.

Jesus tells us to fix our eyes on Him, not on the endless demands of every other thing calling for our attention. He calls each one of us to a life fulfilled in Him, of flourishing in every responsibility and season, and focused on the outcomes that matter to Him. He promises us freedom from “having it all” and moves us towards understanding what it means to have what He wants for us.”

From the book titled, Propel Women – Conversation Series


Bad Girls of the Bible; Eve

Who is Jesus Christ?

Bridge to Grace – a nonfiction novel t



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